• About MathTalk

    MathTalk is a community-based educational technology lab located in Boston focusing on the research & design of early math products and services for parents, caregivers, teachers and children.


    MathTalk products and services are meant to inspire and equip adults with tools that prompt high quality early math experiences and conversations with children.


    It is our goal to develop products and services that serve as a model for changing two of the initial sources of inequity in education outcomes: children's early math literacy and language development.

    MathTalk Books

    MathTalk books will be tools that enable parents to discuss day to day experiences with their children in a way that create opportunities for math and language enrichment.


    City-wide art + education installations in Boston communities that provide parents outdoor opportunities to engage their children in conversations that lend to math and language enrichment.

    MathTalk App

    The MathTalk app leverages augmented reality technology to turn Boston communities into an open-air classroom for parents and their children.


    MathTalk workshops will instruct parents, teachers, and education specialists in the techniques and insights generated through MathTalk research.

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